I am a multidisciplinary designer representing the spirit of Mumbai in Auckland City. I am currently interning as a Junior Designer at UGP Design. My specialities include graphic design, branding, front-end web design and flash animation. I would describe my design style as folk art-inspired with modern touches. On the side I am a foodie, an adrenaline junkie, and a fashion admirer. I am currently looking for a role which allows me to use my design abilities to the best.


In the past few years I've been fortunate enough to work with some extraordinary individuals and I've chosen a few of my favourites here.

Found in Translation

This was done as part of the 100 days project where I did one illustration a day for one word in a foreign language that cannot be Anglicised word for word..

I knew from the start of the year that I would want to base my 100 Days Project around illustration, simply because it always helps sharpen your skills. I wanted it to be something compelling enough to do every single day and I have had a fascination with learning new languages for the longest time and I just happen to come across this article about 14 words with no English equivalent on the Week. And it was pretty much putting two and two together after that.

Various Branding

Pia Nord Identity was created for a Finnish Band. They play a lot of 60's music, and so I incorporated the feel with retro colours and fonts.

Codeword Music was created for a music portal which helps underground bands get funding to get their albums out. This was a pro bono project. The website focuses mainly on alt rock and progressive metal music.

Nameless Dead was created for a Texan-Mexican band. They play a lot of Latino Music. They are based in Auckland and the band members have a certain obsession with Cinco De Mayo (Mexican Day of the Dead).

SATC branding was developed for the South Auckland Theatre Collective which is basically a touring theatre company, proudly South Auckland based, comprised of a collective of ambitious theatre makers, pushing creative boundaries to create innovative contemporary theatre, with a unique South Auckland twist.

Say hello!

I'm always quite keen to meet other people and collaborate, especially when its over several cups of coffee. So go on, flick me a message now at info@anjanaiyer.com

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